Even After The Darkest Night by Autumn Eliza

Oh, the very thought of you
Brings fantasies in my head,
As if I feel your ardent kiss
And my cheek turns instantly red!

Sometimes i just hate your thoughts,
‘Cause they keep my heart burning,
They make me dreamy and restless,
And fill my heart with yearning.

Though you aren’t given much to words,
Your eyes speak volumes to me,
Their silent signals are enough
To put me in sheer ecstasy.

I cherish your love and adore you
With my whole being,
For you I write these love-poems,
For you I inwardly sing.

Though we aren’t sure of our tomorrow,
Our love will certainly win,
You know even after the darkest night
The sky is lit up with dawn’s rosy grin!

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

4 thoughts on “Even After The Darkest Night by Autumn Eliza

    • Dear Sir, thank you for your appreciation. I just try to unburden my heart through such poems. Show to the world?! those who matter aren’t ready to listen!

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