by Neil Chatterton

Slicing through the waves
Seeing that distant shoreline
Open its arms to welcome
Like going home for tea.

The playful wind sees too
And turns away
Apathetically now
Like a spoiled child
Off in search of
A new toy.

Flag waving throng
Lines the quay

The marching band
Fills the air with ‘Pomp and Circumstance’.

Countless eyes
Here, there and everywhere
Searching, longing to find
Recognition and

Many though stand back
There is no rush or excitement for them
Posture reveals
That their love is beneath them
A commitment made to each other
Never waivers
Never wanes
The perfect couple
Some may say.

All that is left
Spent confetti swirling
And each step echoes amid the silence
Like lovers meandering through the Pizza de Spagna
Around midnight.

One last look
Collar now turned up
As the wind returns
Both boisterous and noisy
Thinking you want to play!

©Neil Chatterton 2012

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