Leaving Eden by Lisa Brandel


Let me light your candle
take you on a trip
pluck the silver spoon
from your mouth,
flame it up,
have a sip.

Find your pipes,
inject the fun
orgasm through your spine
lay back sister,
wallow in the numb

Candle goes down quick
push another sip.
ride the horse
like a jockey
let it teach you
where you live

white horse crosses tracks
you can be its master
Just stay on path,the one
with trampled others
too weak to hold the reigns.

Put on your best adornment,
vivid orange suit,
shackles washed in blood,
needle for your vein
roll the twenty tight
you are ready for the ride

The sign reads leaving Eden,
10 grams ago

the road is open
welcome home

There is no turning back

©Lisa Brandel 2012

One thought on “Leaving Eden by Lisa Brandel

  1. Lisa, this is what addicts call “the trigger” as it describes the process of preparation enough to start the euphoric recall which even after weeks of rehab, sends many junkies back out again with no thought of consequences. I love the fresh diction and imagery of the loss of control symbolized by losing the reins; the addict is completely powerless which, ironically, is the First Step in The Twelve Steps of AA. I have always had a hard time seeing how the perception of oneself as an unempowered person could produce a strong self-image but then it is a form of brain-washing and just becoming as powerless in a group of recovering addicts as in active addiction. Avoiding the cliche’ of heaven and hell gives the poem compression and the ironic twist that in seeking Eden the gates are actually shut permanently. I was thinking the orange suit represented a prisoner’s garb; but that is how I interpret it as the gates of Eden are slammed shut as a jail cell door. Stark and visceral without falling into the trap of glamorizing something that had me holding someone’s head as it lolled to the side once, twice, then never moved again. Painful, powerful, talented.~~~~~~~~~~~love willow

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