Cruising for Bruising~

My comfort always assured
This floating hotel
Your latest gift
Wrapped ever so neatly
With 20 years
Of happiness and loneliness.

This suite
Regal if you will
Filled with beauty
As stewards run around like ants
Watched warily
By this Queen.

My thoughts drift again
Your position at this exact moment
Hardly Cirque du Soleil my dear!
But I still miss it, all the same.

A sharp sound interrupts
My scribbling mind
Loses its focus
Re-engaging is never easy for me
And an almost forgotten task awaits
I must answer the door.

You enter
My legs wobble
As I inhale sharply
Pushing that cart effortlessly
Dormant emotions ascend
Deft fingers move about the cart
I exhale loudly
As you remove my dress
You move with ease,
Plates, cups, dishes, cutlery
Losing control
Rocking back and forth upon you
Never experiencing such pleasure
My dinner service complete, you step back
My emotions burst forth
Tears mixed with sweat
As I lay my head on your chest
You gently slide the chair out,
Beckon me to sit
Eyes locked
As you caress my soul.

As I sit and ponder
I cannot help but turn to watch you leave.
You linger a moment longer
And that smiles
Tell me

©Neil Chatterton 2012

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