Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies?~ by Ryan Ward

Suspicions arise like bile,
Bubbles of oil,
So many questions,

No room to breathe.
Put me in the recovery position,
Or hand me a drink,
With a glass big enough to sink in.

Gag reflex.
Ask no questions,
Hear no lies?

Jealousy is my oldest friend,
Forever giving good advice,
And painting things green.
I spit the bile out,

Spit the poison out,
Spit the truth out.
No better.
Gloss you over with words,

So shiny and eloquent,
Bereft of emotion.
I say what I need to.
Is the man a cheater,

A stealer of hearts?
Is the man a prisoner,
Of a heart shaped box?
Different truths.

  ©Ryan Ward 2012

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