You and Only You! by Autumn Eliza

O my love, only this much I’d like to say,
In your embrace forever I’d like to stay.
I pray and with me you pray too,
“Let love bind us together, me and you.”

Take me now tenderly to your chest,
This is my only shelter, my love’s nest;
Your gentle caress and your love-beating heart,
Comfort and contentment , to me do impart.

A glimpse of you, or just the sound of your voice,
Or even a simple ‘Hi’, makes me rejoice,
And by a simple hug you make my day,
You only hold me in this special way.

When I am with you, it reduces all my stress,
I am then happiest, and worry much less;
Your warm embrace dispels all my fears,
A smile quickly replaces my anxious tears.

Let’s enjoy this moment, right here and now,
Don’t let any other thoughts furrow your brow;
You know I don’t need gifts- expensive or new,
All I need is your love, you and only you!

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

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