Brooks Brother's & Bound

by Neil Chatterton

Faintly at first
I dismiss the whispers
But you will not
Be denied.

Open my eyes
To find you
Still I am lost.

Can pain
Be described as ‘adequate’?
My shock
My scream
Total silence.

Would you listen
Or plaintive stares?
I wonder.

Yet, I am alone too
Not sitting
But a standing of sorts
Fixed position of sorts
Dictated and designed
As promised.

Your halo
Somewhat askew
From my perspective
Me, missing only a
Crown of Thorns
To complete
My shame
My embarrassment
My life.

Your unhappiness evident
Tsk, tsk
You signed that cherished covenant
Yet who is the stranger now?
My signature
Even to me
My feelings
My expectations
All now
Encased in this suit
So tight
That each breath
And permitted.

We see each other every night
Neither opening
Our blinds more than a crack
Both harboring secrets
Trying to survive
In different

Our common bond

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