For John~

For John

A gothic California;
No sun or shade in that shaded apartment.
While fingers type,
Eyes fixed,
Mind entranced,
The outside world appears to be blank.

Life miles away must be easier,
but it’s still life.

A chili Georgia;
A fan circulates air through a dark room.
As pavement bakes outside,
A cold soul slithers inside.
We should be anywhere but
Here, but what is different there?

An enriched New York;
The center of the Earth.
While everyone is dumb on the outside,
everyone is superior within the smog and dank.
Everyone should know who we are,
but do they care?

A conceded person; the world revolves around you.
A generalized definition made for a generalizing person.
The world doesn’t give a damn; they should to fit your needs.

  ©Patrick Attaway 2012

3 thoughts on “For John by Patrick Attaway

  1. Yes, the world doesn’t give a damn, but why care for the world anyway? The politicians and bankers have already made it a living hell and they are safely enconced in metros like your New York or my London. But we poets/writers should carry on waving our flag!

    • PORTIA, that’s a very interesting way of interpreting it. I’m fairly cynical myself. That last line you’re referring to is more directed at one person, or a particular group of people. When I write satire, it’s generally more socially oriented than politically, though both go hand in hand. Thank you for reading!

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