I Stand and You Loom~ by Ryan Ward

Know this and understand,
Your arms are as the night,
All encompassing and formless.
Sleeves of black rolled back,
To reveal prickle point stars,
And lancing scars.
And your legs as trees of thunder,
To storm across the land.
Tear all bonds asunder,
Bar the one you are spellbound under.
I tingle in delight,
Languish in the lack of light.
Promise to meet you in the paddock,
Under witness of star and cloud.
In the bog,
I stand and you loom.
Grey and ashen,
Swirling and heavy laden.
Thunder fades and darkness retires.
Flimsy hairband,
The dawn is breaking.

  ©Ryan Ward 2012

6 thoughts on “I Stand and You Loom by Ryan Ward

  1. the lines weave a magical thread around! Bog..paddock…night of thunder…well, it all reminded me of that heath where three witches sat waiting for Macbeth! though this is tangential, it is true!

  2. Ryan – Iread this a few times and came back to it. The visuals are very powerful and well done. I think each reader can take something different from it. For me, the second entity in this verse is a state of mind (“I stand, you loom”), or facing a fear and conquering when “The dawn is breaking”.

    Nicely done!

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