Beach Hug by Anthony Guzman

As I ponder our precious time.
I’m amazed by how my heart opened to yours.
You have become a constant thought In my mind, love is sparking.
You are so special, and I have faith that there is a higher purpose behind us.

Beach hug our moments together, precious seconds walking on the beach.
As the sun sets, and the waves speak.
Your my only thought, feeling complete.

As our hearts collide. Each time you think of me I feel it,
As if your heart is calling me,
As my heart calls to yours.

I would like to give you a tsunami of kisses slowly,
And tenderly so you feel the pressure of my lips scaling your entire body.
Caressing you as if tomorrow was not coming.

It is so hard to see you go but, I feel as we exchanged pieces of each others heart.
I am content to have you In my life, even if it is like faith.
I have faith In your heart, and you.

Thank you for your love,
In return my love extends and grows for you

©Anthony Guzman 2012

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