A Walk in the Woods by Autumn Eliza

Late evening dazzle
Of bronze light flooding
The simplified trees
To tickle them to smile,

Up in the foggy sky
Some herons are flying by
In a V-shaped file.

Some small birds
Fret and frolic
With little else to do,

Returning to their nests
They indulge in gossip,

An arrogant kingfisher
Stabs into the water
To steal away a fish,

The lake just smiles back,
And chuckling with ripples,
Says, ‘as you wish’.

Oh, these trees and this lake,
This gathering friendly fog,
And this silence,

Though alone, why do I feel
In the whisper of the wind
Someone’s loving presence?

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods by Autumn Eliza

  1. The joy and respite from “the madding crowd” is a creatively expressed poem so fresh I can almost feel the grass beneath my bare feet and hear the splash of the water in the lake. I love the poetry of Wordsworth and found him everywhere in England; you convey that same personification of Nature in a delightful way, Autumn Eliza. It would be nice to know how you feel since the main character is Nature; a glimpse into your feelings would add intensity to what is, without some tension or revelation, really just a lovely postcard. It would be nice to see you taking a few more risks with your poetry as it could become formulaic without some part of the poet’s state of mind revealed. Still, a very enjoyable slice of Nature you have given life to.~~~~~I also enjoy your diversity!

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