The Worst Of Tragedies by Ryan Ward

It’s hard to fake sincerity,

Believe me love I’ve tried,

It’s pretty clear to me that you’ve lied.

I can see through false promises,

Does this come as a surprise?

I see the shock glisten in your eyes.

And your well spun tall tale,

Has me all tangled up,

I can’t tell the right from the wrong.

Until it seems all that’s left,

Is tattered trust and bitter tears,

Like the seasons our actions are constant.

We stroll up,

Ever so arrogant,

Only to leave with our tails between our legs.

So warm to begin with,

Deadly cold by the end.

And I’d welcome back the weaving heart,

Just to feel the warmth,

Of another who failed to fake sincerity.

Oh to be alone upon the Great Green,

T’would be the worst of tragedies yet,

Since Romeo and Juliet.

©Ryan Ward 2012

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