My Circle of Friends by Autumn Eliza

I’ve this circle of ‘virtual’ friends
who now mean the world to me,
Sometimes I just pester them,
At other times just let them be!

When I see each name on the screen,
And view the messages they’ve sent,
Bowing my head I acknowledge
Their love and good intent.

I am so blessed to have these friends,
With them I’ve grown so close,
They just pamper and indulge me,
Even if I write a clumsy prose!

O my friends, what can I say,
You have become my life’s part,
please accept for your love and care
These grateful thanks from my heart!

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

3 thoughts on “My Circle of Friends by Autumn Eliza

  1. Now is the time to capture all this opportunity and you will never feel this alive again, Autumn Eliza, I know there is nothing more exciting than finding the support and appreciation of a creative community. There is a discipline, however, that will make the difference between becoming a Mozart or an Amadeus. The most important thing for a writer is to read. Keep a journal. Write about what you know. And learn the six points that must be met for a piece to be considered a poem. Revise, revise, revise. If you are happy with your first draft of a poem, you have done something wrong, and Hallmark cards are written by people you will never find in an anthology. A poet has a heightened sensitivity to life and let yours blossom; I am honored you are here but don’t say things to make anyone feel good; there is always something one can find that is positive; yet I love this poem of yours as it reveals your sweetness and light. Expose yourself to some of the human suffering found in the lives and works of Thomas Hardy; Matthew Arnold; T.S.Eliot so you can challenge your mind. Read everyone up here one night and make yourself comment honestly. To be in Cambridge; to stand at Shakespeare’s tomb; thank you for that! Enjoy every second and dream big! Fall in love and get your heart broken! I cannot wait to see if you are a poet!

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