Haiku~ by Jenni De La Torre

Haiku~ by Jenni De La Torre

gone one year today
reliving the day you left
I’ll never let go

I see you here now
you are in my arms again
please don’t wake me up

sadness fills my heart
I cry alone and broken
I miss my sister

my old friend returned
held me close when times were rough
hello depression

up on the house top
reindeer pause and sniff the air
ew santa farted

if you pass the gas
on the third day of the month
stay far far away

today is the day
that I hoped for yesterday
but want tomorrow

parents and children
travel the same roads in life
yet never cross paths

when you love someone
love them with all of your soul
or nothing at all

Haiku by Jenni De La Torre

7 thoughts on “Haiku~ by Jenni De La Torre

  1. Jen, sorry you’re struggling right now. I wished there was something I could do to help ease your pain… You have many dear memories of your beautiful sister, those are yours forever and no one can take those from you!

    She’s in a safe place, where the cancer doesn’t control her.

    Hugs dear lady,

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