She Wants To Be Cinderella~ by Justice Chikandamina

She wants to be Cinderella

in reality as Valentine comes

you better get this right

do no let her down

be yourself though

man up, step up

you are her King

she is your Queen

for her lay the red carpet

give her her crown and jewels

petals next to sepals

speaking roses

sweet and savory

cake, chocolate

accompanied by a fine wine

as you dine is the magical portal

the door to your sensual cravings

fired by Cupid Arrow

firing within your bones and marrow

wanting that ignition upon the day

and not the morrow

two buds in a pod

become two doves

holding a ring

with a message

do not let me go

I am your Cinderella!

ⒸJustice Chikandamina 2012


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Do not ask me why I write, why I became a poet. I do not write because I want to or because someone wants me to. I am what I am, a poet, not because I want to be but because this is what you have made me become.

When you read that which I have written, take time to think, to act and to reflect on what lies between the lines. Read not criticize or find talk but so that you may be able to see life the way I see it.

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6 thoughts on “She Wants To Be Cinderella~ by Justice Chikandamina

  1. Fresh and imaginative and so lyrical. Poetry always has rhythm; without it, it is prose. The trick is to write free verse and find the internal rhythm; you have done that so well in this poem keeping it natural and flowing. Looking forward to more!

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