"You Are My Girl" by Autumn Eliza

The weather was fine,
And bright sunshine,
So I went out to play,
Singing a song
All along,
In a mood merry and gay.

I never knew
That there lurked a few
In the yonder bush,
To surprise me
And entrap me
Like a prey in ambush.

They were glad
When they had
Pinned me down in dirt,
They laughed and jeered
Smirked and sneered
At my injury and hurt.

Succeeding in their ploy
They left in joy,
For me they didn’t care,
In anger and shame,
I scolded them,
Then I felt you standing there.

You stayed for a while,
With a sweet smile,
As if you meant to say,
“Don’t sully your mind,
But try to find
A better way to play.

“You are my girl,
So, don’t be a churl,
Just forgive them and forget,
Whatever they may do,
Just believe in you,
Then you won’t ever regret!”

©Autumn Eliza 2012

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