Haiku~ by Yoshay Lama Lindblom

Haiku~ by Yoshay Lama Lindblom

pearly drops of rain
slide down a wrinkled body
that has breathed its last

Daffodils burst forth
yellow and white from the earth
renewing the sun

slanting ivory flakes
drop gently on a baby’s face
who watches in awe


frost on the window
wounds the delicate fingers
your smile is warmer

Vicious intent cloaked white
with smooth words of snow
I uncloak you

I have been blind
and the long dark years
have not been kind


Outside it is
soft and hard it is
inside your heart

I thought I saw
you in the twilight
t’was your shadow

When the moon peeps
eaten and beaten
I fall asleep


The storm rages
unruly and black
on the inside

Through a dark night
I heard a howling
t’was my severed heart

as red as wine
as dark as night skies
my blood, my mind


I had a heart
A red vibrant heart
life clutched it hard

Haiku by Yoshay Lama Lindblom


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