Haiku~ by Daune Ketelaar

Haiku~ by Daune Ketelaar

Perfectly flying “V”-
Instinctively they know-
Seasons turn, they go

Clip, clop, gallop, plop-
Upon my pony I go-
Beware of road-apples

Wave upon wave rolls-
Seashore stretches endlessly-
Ad infinitum


Sunset meets the sea-
Endless waves upon the shore-
Forever She calls

To sleep erernal-
This is the escape I crave-
Becoming as dust

Cycles and seasons-
The Wheel will forever turn-


Eyes of gentle brown,
Forever my faithful friend,

Soulmate throughout life,
My hero, my rock, my friend,
I love my husband.

So joyful and free,
The ocean is your playground,
Beautiful dolphin.


Earth begins to warm,
Nature’s belly ripe with Spring,
All that will become.

Through the hourglass,
Desert sands shifting time,
Only a mirage.

Memories passing,
Cobwebs hung in dark corners,
I don’t like spiders.


Silence is so loud,
A single scream to the world,
Has anyone heard?

Birds twitter and chirp,
Ladybugs and bumblebees,
Spring is on Her way.

Full Moon horizon,
She rises from Her slumber,


Ancient stones fallen,
Once a sacred circle stood,
All shall rise again.

Nothing lasts forever,
Change our only constant,

Bumps rise on my flesh,
Fingertips stroke my arm,
Sweet sinful caress.


My Emerald Isle,
Forever part of my soul,
My bone and marrow.

Frantically beating,
Wings against the brutal glass,
Captive forever.

Be brave, oh, my soul,
Steely eyes are locked with mine,
So tender his touch.


Sacred is this space,
Elements in balance be,
Honoring Goddess.

Haiku by Daune Ketelaar


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  1. Autumn, Pammaner, and Sweepy, thank you for your kind words! I am delighted that you enjoyed the Haikus! I really am falling in love with this form.
    Love & Light!

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