Consecrated by Pamela Rossow

she cupped
starlight in her

remember {i} once
told you how {i} loved
the moon?

she cradled
ocean in her

remember {i} once
told you how {i} loved
the shells?

she cloistered
secrets in her

©Pamela Rossow 2012

3 thoughts on “Consecrated by Pamela Rossow

  1. This is so beautiful; this poem shimmers and shines! That ineffable something lost through the daily routines of life is brought to life in this poem and the sweet simplicity of Nature breathes new life into the stale confines of the soul. The stain of being grown-up is magically washed away. I cannot help but jump into this poem and splash about, no longer an observer but a participant! Incredibly lovely!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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