by Ron Reed

The rain in clapping cadence falls
the sound soothing.
I have a roof, a refuge
from which to observe un-accosted
the lilting sound hypnotic, constant
consistent, contented, cointence.

I gaze out glazed
less to see than imagine
a result pending.
nourishment, cleansing
a slate wiped clean for newness
as the rain in clapping cadence falls.

©Ron Reed 2011

5 thoughts on “Rain by Ron Reed

  1. This is one of my favorites, Ron, as it involves a pleasurable experience and connects me to many forgotten memories. Your use of sound devices makes this piece more poetic than prose; the alliteration in “clapping cadence” and “soothing sounds” just flows beautifully. I am not sure if you meant refuge rather than “refuse” in line three since it seems you are talking about a place where you can stay warm and dry while watching the inclement weather . Very lovely poem, Ron

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