At The End

by Ron Reed

At the end of the path exposed
I stand.
I cannot guide you
console, reveal or confide in you
I am here,
at the end of a path,
seldom traveled

©Ron Reed 2012

3 thoughts on “At The End by Ron Reed

  1. Willow always has such wonderful comments…

    Ron, this poem speaks volumes.

    “at the end of a path,
    seldom traveled”

    we often put up our guards, and stay clear of uncertain paths. then we find ourselves down that path and meeting it’s end, that is when we realize, we’ve never dealt with such a path and it’s ending. I hope you know that as with every door that closes a new one opens, and with every path that ends there is always another path to take.

  2. The brevity in this poem speaks volumes. I am so intrigued by the word order in the first line; just the placement of the word “exposed” changes the poem in some ineffable way. If you had said “I stand exposed” the meaning would have been clear and straightforward. Yet “at the end of the path exposed stand I” is a clever play on words as I wonder is the end of the path exposed and you hidden or are you exposed with a hint, so very subtle that maybe it isn’t there at all but it seems there is some concealment and full exposure is no longer desirable or possible. Or maybe even necessary. The meaning is as concealed as the reasons you stand there at the end. As for those who have not traveled the path it is not an end but a beginning. The image I get or more accurately the emotion I feel is that of seeing a man half in the shadows and half in a diffused sort of sunlight. I want him to come out and sit on the bench in silence for a while. Just bringing much of myself into this poem and onto the path.

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