Unsung Disaster~ Boghos L. Artinian MD

Creeping imperceptibly
the heat wave harvests the old;
lone bachelors, spinsters
and abandoned parents.
The silence is awesome
yet the morgues overflow,
unclaimed bodies lie in cool corridors
and refrigerated hangars.
Undertakers are overwhelmed
and gravediggers break their backs.
Shouts begin here and there,
crescendoing into a national uproar.
Statisticians calculate the increase
in the death rate in that black August.
The figures are in the tens of thousands.
Governments are blamed, ministers resign,
Yet the old would have died anyway,
a few years more or a few less
wouldn’t really matter.
September will be cooler
and the death rate would regress
to the normal levels.

©Boghos L. Artinian MD 2012



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Boghos L. Artinian is a physician in private practice in Beirut since 1975. He is a graduate of the American University of Beirut MD 1968 and MRCP(UK) 1973. Since 1986, when he was 44 years old, he has written many poems in medical and literary journals. The internet has made a tremendous contribution to his success in getting published.

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5 thoughts on “Unsung Disaster~ Boghos L. Artinian MD

  1. I was so emotionally affected by the poem I just read I didn’t welcome Dr. Artinian to our group as everyone else has so I wanted to say “Hello” though I think Deb extended a perfect “Welcome” speaking for us all. I also wanted to say “Thank you” for sharing your special talent and, echoing Deb, and Neil, tell you how much I also am looking forward to more of your poetry. Thank you, Dr. Artinian

  2. The image of the heat wave harvesting the weak like the Grim Reaper with his scythe is powerful and chilling. It is ironic that the only places with relief from the heat are the morgues and “refrigerated hangars.” To be exposed to so much death would seemingly require even a physician to put up walls to keep his sanity yet the compassion and helplessness against the onslaught of Nature remain intact. The tragedy suffered by those unknown and far away is brought into my very soul by a poet who so eloquently speaks for those who can speak no more.

  3. Welcome to Blognostics and great to have you as one of our new bn Beat poets.

    Your poem brings true to life, the aftermath of a disaster. I am looking forward to reading more of your poems.

    Welcome again, there are many interesting groups and writers, and artists here at BN. Take a look around, feel free to join any groups you like, add friends etc. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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