The Silly Butterfly by Autumn Eliza

Why this uninvited butterfly
Is still fluttering in my heart,
And despite all my efforts
It refuses to depart?

Why is it trying to find
A fresh flower of a new song
In my almost snow-clad mind
Where winter strikes a tuneless gong?

Can’t it see at my heart’s bottom
Those petals wilted and scattered,
Which were once my dear poems,
Now by neglect shattered.

Doesn’t this silly butterfly know,
I’ve removed and thrown away
My nameplate from my own door
And closed all the windows against any ray?

Go away, you silly butterfly,
Why d’you still want a lyric’s honey?
Oh, even the verse has gone ‘blank’,
And everyone likes the jingle of money!

©Autumn Eliza 2012

7 thoughts on “The Silly Butterfly by Autumn Eliza

  1. Autumn Eliza, I love how your poem moves and flits with the motion of a butterfly itself! And “the nameplate off the door” is such a final image; delightful poem; I enjoyed your imaginative verses. Thank you~~~~looking forward to more!

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