White Snow, Red Blood

By Willow

An early dusk, a light dusting of snow;
Visibility is good, the moon golden and low;
The ranchers are pacing in Italian leather boots,
warm fur-lined parkas and their Hummers locked tight;
They are such daring sportsmen to take on the night!

They recheck their rifles, squint through their scope;
take to the air, rifles ready, senses sharp;
“Today I saw some really big tracks,”
“That might even be the leader of the pack.”
Conversation is low, and then, down below
a flash of gray, a sharp crack,
White snow, red blood bleeding from the leader
of the pack.

Hours later, flushed and proud,
they raise their glasses in a toast
to the soft, gray fur by the fireplace;
Red blood on the snow doesn’t bother this bunch,
as they discuss where to take the mayor for lunch.

©Willow Rose 2011

4 thoughts on “White Snow, Red Blood by Willow Rose

  1. Willow – I don’t know where to begin with this one. I may be reading more into it, but given recent events in politics and global change there is a powerful metaphor at play here. Hunters hunting predators and the bittersweet anti-hero glee of victory. A vicious cycle as I see it. Co-existence is fragile and unpredictable. If I over thought this…never mind 😉

  2. not bad.
    God give world to man for what?To protect it.Not to paint it with red.man had power for what?To protect weaker(animal) until he get his power.one who broke this ruls, has to pay.

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