A Letter To Life Anthony Guzman

Anthony Guzman

In this period I’ve regained the life that was taken from me.
You’ve filled me with joy & love.
The missing piece of my life.
I’ve been empty so I pour my heart on paper.

I know what it is to be alone even with family.
A family that makes you feel alone.
You are the only lift that I’ve seen throughout all this time.
I watch as this chapter unfolds and work toward your light and love.

I pour my heart on paper.
My heart is yours without hesitation.
Only God knows what trials and tribulations
I’ve gone through trying to survive.

I pour my heart on paper for you,
One love for one person, you.
My heart is yours don’t let it cripple.
Pouring my heart on paper.

Your words are felt in my heart,
my feelings heart and my mind
want every extent of you.
All I want is your happiness.

I’ve never had the necessary guidance in my life.
I’ve felt like life wasn’t worth living.
Many times over wishing and praying on nonexistence.
Asking myself why?

Why am I here?
I believe everything happens for a reason.
You being one.
With all my heart I give my love day by day.

I look up and thank God for you.
The one person to make me truly happy.
My heart wants to make you happy.
No matter what the cost you found a soul that was long, lost and alone.

I see our love as a seed growing within our cores.
To me you are priceless.
I could not bear to see you in despair.
In my eyes you are truly rare.

Your my star and you will always shine.
My heart feels the weight of those thoughts.
In my mind my purpose is your happiness.
Truly you’re my sign. A better life.

You make me feel a way in my heart that I’ve never felt before.
I want to love and give so much more to my other-side do or die.
Ride till there is no more space after the sky.
If you are my wings without you I can’t fly.

©Anthony Guzman 2012

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