White Rose by Anthony Guzman

A white rose as pure
As an innocent heart
How I tend to you as an extension of myself
As i watch you grow and mature as the sun

That shines every morning over you.
I admire your beautiful petals
As I water you like rain
On a sunny day

The perfect picture
In the moonlight you stand out
And glow like a forbidden flower
As your petals climax

You’re my gardens masterpiece
My beauty
My passion
The flower that I hold dear to my life my white rose

©Anthony Guzman 2012

7 thoughts on “White Rose by Anthony Guzman

  1. I have copied this poem and read it and re-read it as I am fascinated by the symbolism of purity and innocence depicted by the flawless white rose. The nurturing of the writer and what is portrayed as “an extention of myself” is what made me think it was about the bond between father and daughter and then the picture of a “forbidden” flower in the moonlight made that interpretation seem wrong; this is a mystery wrapped in an enigma for the child could be forbidden to any other’s touch just as a woman could. This is truly a masterpiece of the soul and a passionate declaration of love whether it be for a child or a woman; or even the garden in the soul of the writer which is verdant enough for both.

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