Bright Star by Willow Rose

Star Light, Star Bright:
The baby’s coming home tonight,
maybe a boy or a baby girl;
I stare out the window,
soon I’ll be two;
just what kinds of things can a baby do?
I really want a sister I can dress up in lace,
with curls I can play with and angels in her face.
We’ll be very best friends like other sisters
I’ve seen,
I’ll share all my toys and never be mean.

First Star I See Tonight;
That baby sister is such a brat!
I can’t believe I wanted that…
I have to be quiet or she’ll start to cry;
Mommy loves her most and I can see why.
She lies in her crib just sucking her thumb;
Too big for a dolly, too small to play,
so I give her a pinch and am punished all day.

I Wish I May…
We are playing with dolls and having such fun!
I know we are different from everyone; Eight and
nine and a brother to tease; secrets; bunk beds;
and a fort in the woods; a new little sister just like
a big doll; a vacation at the beach where we play
mermaid; warm bath and kiss Mommy, wait until
she goes; then real quiet and then too loud—
We giggle and tickle and stay up all night;
And pretend we’re asleep when they turn on the light.

I Wish I Might…
We’re smoking Marlboro’s and skipping school,
everybody does, everyone who is cool.
Working parents make us popular soon,
we party all day, have the house clean by noon.
Each night Vietnam comes into the room; napalm, soldiers,
and pot onscreen;
Dangerous times for me and my Jeannine.

Have the Wish…
Fighting over shirts and jeans and shoes,
about guys we both knew that I would always lose.
One night a boy I thought I loved waited
in a hopped-up Corvair; I packed my things in a box,
stole her shoes, gave her a kiss and a prayer;
I walked, ran, then stumbled through the following years,
missing out on my sister’s laughter and tears,
While my Ne-Ne turned around and found her own wings;
flying and accomplishing so many things.
Thus began my little sister’s happiest days;
graduating, working, there was so much to do;
driving around Orlando in her Mustang named Babu.

I Wish Tonight…
Folding our lives into magical spheres, reliving the magic,
the love, the tears; I was now a Mommy, a role she would
play soon.
She was the sun I circled ’round like a moon.
There was always my sister, always a call,
always a way to laugh at it all.
Both mothers with children we began to see,
the love that lives forever in family,
my sister and I…
until Eternity.

Star Light, Star Bright…
A new star in the sky tonight.
It burns so warm, it burns so bright,
To guard and guide us through the night.
She isn’t gone, try not to cry—–
Did you ever see
a more beautiful sky!


Dedicated to my sister Jeannine Marie Price December 30,1957 — June 25, 2010

Please click on the video player below for a reading of this poem by Neil Chatterton.

13 thoughts on “Bright Star by Willow Rose

    • Thank you for your intuitive understanding of how much a brother or sister mean to each other, Sahan. I am so touched by your efforts to find my work and read it and then comment sincerely; it makes the love and loss and that I poured into this poem worthwhile. And of course, Jeannine did. Thank you.

    • Nelieta it is almost harder to write a response to you than to have written the poem. Your words touched my heart as I know how sincere you are; a thank you for your empathy just sounded so trite. I have to tell you she had the best sense of humor and I could always count on her to be my co-conspirator as I was for her. I’ll never forget the time we went to a Stevie Nicks concert and she made me duck when her boss walked by. Not only had she called in to attend the concert –she had told her boss I had to have brain surgery!! I had to drool a little every time I saw her after that!!! She could spend hours in a Dollar Tree store and come out with tiaras and wands for everyone!!! Thank you for sharing my Ne-Ne with me; a sister’s love truly lasts for eternity and she was one in a billion! Something tells me you would have been good friends!!!!~~~~~Bless you!!!~~~~~~~~

    • Thank you Lisa; for what is there to say but acknowledge the bond we will always have and if she thought I was being maudlin or making others feel that way she would knock her picture down off the wall as she does now when provoked! I had a sister and best friend and it is funny how I get sad and lonely at times but still feel so grateful I had the kind of close relationship I wish everyone could experience or hope that feeling of really being known and accepted by someone is a gift no less special because we can’t keep it. Memories keep our love alive and I am lucky again in being able to share them with really special people. <3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you your respect and empathy, Lisa~~~~~love and light, willow

    • A perfect description of Jeannine, Michael! She was beautiful and fun and had the most delightful sense of humor…her cat was named “Potato” and loved to divebomb you in the shower; I don’t think anyone or anything that entered her little sphere of magic left quite the same! I didn’t want to write anything depressing; of course the loss of a best friend/sister hurts yet I love to think, talk, and joke about her as it brings her closer. Thank you for letting me share that with you!~~~~~willow~~~~~

    • Thank you, Adriene; I am so lucky to be able to share my feelings and memories with you as I did not want to share something gloomy and depressing but light and humorous—capturing the essence of my sister who, though seventeen months younger than me, may as well have been my twin. I love to talk about her and do see her sparkling in the night sky; for this is just a pause and we just change forms which is a comfort. Thank you for thanking me! And thinking of the sky!!~~~~~~love and light, willow““““~~~~~~~~whoops!<3

    • Chokher, I thank you for the tears are flowing now; and I thank you for being sad for all the friends who knew her for thirty-five years, are right here and are the reason I am even online yet when I asked one to just share a personal memory, I received no response. The different ways of grieving are personal yet I believe a person lives on through the memories we keep intact. You have provided the balance between a life both celebrated and missed. I cannot tell you and everyone else who expressed the feelings so difficult family and friends have avoided them how much I appreciate it; how much brighter her star will shine tonight. Bless you! ~~~~~~~~love and light, willow~~~~~~

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