A Letter To Myself~ by Anthony Guzman

It’s natural for life to get harder as you get older
Be strong… mentally and physically… be sincere… always follow your heart also listen to your thoughts
You are a son of god meaning… a son of truth… you need to consider this in your conscious be happy and make yourself proud
In each mind there is a world in your world worry about those things that are truly important all those minor things put them to the side
Rely on yourself! Love yourself! And love what you do!
Don’t complicate yourself when it’s very simple…
Don’t give up ever! Ever! Be social but stay to yourself
You are your own journal… Live… Love… and Make.
Set your mind in focus. Remember everything is possible the more you focus the more impossible fades away. You are a miracle if there is doubt. Your reason for living is bigger then your life alone The Son of Truth. Be sincere… Strong… Silent… Live… Love… and Make

  ©Anthony Guzman 2012

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