Sweet Beach Moments!~ by Gerald Saidi

Do you remember?
Those moments at the beach with your kids
Munchkin flying his kite
Its tail wolfing in the animal space of your fluttering heart

The arch of your naked feet
Munching into the dustless and fluffy white sand
Your eyes transfixing on the mesmeric surf

Tootsie Roll collecting coral and mollusk shells
A cool breeze nuzzling the satiny vinyl of your exposed skin
As you lunge your legs into warm masts of white foams
Munchkin and Tootsie Roll cuddling you

As breakers whoosh into your faces
Tootsie Roll’s girlish screams bleaching your soul
With waves of oiled love
Munchkin’s boyish squeaks balancing

Your heart and soul!
Sweetest beach moments
In a memorable snapshot!

  ©Gerald Saidi 2011


Dedicated to Jessica Brant

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