Your Sensuously Sensual Kiss~ by Gerald Saidi

When I gaze into your silvery eyes
I swoon as I stroke your smooth face
Tracing prominent jaw line
Gently running my thumb over your luscious lips
And seductively sucking on my thumb
Tasting the sweet tail buzz of your butterscotch lip gloss!

As we stand intimately closer
Your honey plum breath makes me shudder
With thermals of adrenalin of arousal
As I masterfully snuggle your feminine bottle-figure
And speechlessly slot a special ring onto your finger
As you shed tears of joy

No more will you cry
For I shall kiss away your tears
You will be mine and I will be yours ever!

Brushing my nose against your silken nose
Letting a primal masculine sigh of satisfaction
As I breathe the fragrance of your tutti frutti lips
Gently nibbling your sassy mouth
Whispering in between that:
Loving you is my way of life.

I will kiss you in the pool
Your honey pear bosom quashed against my chest
Your caramel skin smoldering my heart
With electrons of desire
Your lips scented with sweet peaches
Exploring you’re the succulent curves of your body
With my gentleman’s palms
Pleasurably sucking on your pliantly brown sugar lips
Releasing a sexy suction sound
As you shrink with appetite in my arms
Slowly muzzling your lips, ever slowly
Stroking your bronze shoulders

Tell me you will always be my sweet tart
Show me you shall always treat me as your snickerdoodle
Only you can toggle the switches in my body
Declare to me your undying love my sugarplum
Shove your sweet tongue into my mouth
And always sweeten our matrimonial love!!!

  ©Gerald Saidi 2011



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