by Willow

An hour with Rumi; a day by the sea;
fractals and seashells; alchemy;
a photographer catching the day’s
perfect light; no toothaches; no migraines;
to sleep through the night;
the Yankees; paintball; a Roller Derby Game;
Different desires though the page is the same.
The bills all paid; healthy babies; the laundry
all done; chocolate binges and falling in love;
The smell of fresh coffee; losing weight;
Candlelight; starlight; moonlight; Celtic tunes;
Chakras, Liora; an ancient pagan rune;
A screenplay; a kitten; a prize-winning cake;
Getting through to a child; healing the battered;
Purple fairies; dragons or mermaids; dolphins
swimming free; a new site offering a place for
an artist’s expression; Fighting against cancer;
Signs for a better world; Mystical Feet; overcoming
depression;  Nurturing; Heaven on Earth; everyone
knows Lee; Buddha; Prozac Moments; a wolves
howl; a tiger’s leap; A red candle in the dark;
Angels Awakening; Lighting the spark!
Aloha Princess so very wise; the friend always
sprinkling a “Happy Hello,” Quotes and signs
and all we do; you can be sure I am mentioning
If I missed you that just means this isn’t quite done.
Season’s Joy and here is one time
when I say “Happy Christmas”
wrapped up in a rhyme!

©Willow Rose 2011

4 thoughts on “Tagged by Willow Rose

    • There are people I have been lucky enough to meet who have changed my life forever. Some sort of alchemy; I wanted to communicate that in a verbal tag; don’t we just always have to find a different way to do things! I can never look at violet, lavender, mauve, or faeries or Mystical Feet which I think is so cool so thank you, my Kimmie! I may have built a little frame, but it was filled in with your beauty and magical spirit! So I should be thanking you! I know I don’t have to tell you how much I appreciate your “faerie kisses” and your bright light shining forth on those in your circle of magic. ~~~~Love and bright light fairy princess~~~~~~~~willow~~~~~

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