by Willow

There she walks – the four year old,
with her mouth half-open,
celadon green eyes, lank blond hair;
it hangs like threadbare curtains
around a sagging window frame.
She has no stomach, weak wrists, and
crooked teeth;
The skeletal figure at her side wrings her hands.
She has not eaten at all today;
Emergency Food Stamps can no longer be had.
They laid everyone off at the plant, she explains;
Ashamed–she bursts into tears. The stocky
social worker looks at her in disdain.
The child never cries or complains.
One in seven families
will go hungry today.
They cannot help each other
as they slowly shrink away.
Shaking her head in irritation
she opens her bulging purse
and assuages her mind with a hefty donation
to “The Wax The Mayor’s Floors Charity Foundation.”

2 thoughts on “Charity

  1. I love Willow’s poetry, and I enjoy it so much, it has many times brightened up my day after reading one of Willow’s poems. I was not that much into reading poetry but after reading Willow’s poems I enjoyed it so much that I love it now. Please keep writing them Willow and they bring so much enjoyment to me and everyone else. I love them and I can’t say this enough.

  2. I love reading Willows Poems, and I think they are just wonderful, I love to see them and would like to continue reading more from Willow. I was not into poetry that much until I started to read Willow’s and I became in love with reading poetry. I enjoy what she has to say and I think she is a very talented poet, Keep posting them Willow and keep writing them, they bring make my day when I see one of your poems.

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