My Obituary~ Sulekha Rawat

When life dealt her a crushing blow, didn’t collapse just stumbled.
When death took her treasured ones away,
She didn’t tag along, though she was tempted.
She raised herself higher, dug in deep for the strength,
to face the empty and bleak mornings,
didn’t hide in the dark, at the end of the day.
She held her head high and marched on.

Here lies a woman who, if she had lived to be a hundred,
would have done what she did, in her brief but eventful life.
For, even when she lived a short life, it was full of adventure and spunk.
There was no stifling of ideas, no suppressing of free thoughts,
there was never a dull, uninteresting, boring moment.

Here lies a woman, who accepted responsibility,
and didn’t assign blame.
Didn’t expect anything from anybody,
was the highlight of her life’s game.
She laughed and cried, danced and sang.
She knew she wasn’t a star, didn’t try to shine like one.
It was enough for her to be, a happy little firefly.
Lighting the woods, glowing, bringing happiness to those,
who ventured into the woods and cared to look for her.

Here lies a woman who had so many friends,
who cared about her and, mattered to her.
They gave her existence, the solid foundation,
to build her life’s skyscraper on.
They held the ground, kept it together for her,

Here lies a woman, who didn’t
conquer the world, but she reigned,
over the hearts of those who did.
Here lies a happy, satisfied, crazy woman.
She bid adieu to all, and galloped away.
On another adventure, in another lifetime and space.
Here lies a woman, who is in a happy place.

©Sulekha Rawat 2011


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Hi, I am Sulekha aka Lucks and I love life. I WRITE…My life is my Muse and my Muse is my life. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and writer, all rolled up into a complicated package called,’Me’.

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7 thoughts on “My Obituary~ by Sulekha Rawat

  1. Ooo…you need a bigger tombstone for this Sulekha love! It’s more than an obituary, you are writing poetry on the walls of our hearts. I am very sure you are and will be in a happy place 🙂 Amazing and stupendous :*

  2. Sulekha,there is no one like you..and there never will..I have never read something like this ever…You are the best!!!!
    May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!

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