Fire My Soul by Dawn Mclaughlin

I fall to sleep
with you in my mind
the dreams are vivid
so you are not hard
to find
You see Love
in the purest
most beautiful way
we stand
side by side
two hearts entwined
holding hands out
touching the core
of my soul
tender sweet
darling love of mine
eyes meet eyes
oh what joy the
happy together
as one you and I
you taste my sweet
lips that crave you so
fill me with passion
fire my soul
lets burn
in this desire
lick my taste of honey
so sweet
hold my neck
tilt my head
explore my mouth
with kisses sweet
Let the rivers flow
in me
hold that thought
in your heart
remember we will never
be apart
twin-souls are one
and so are we.

©Dawn Mclaughlin 2011

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