The Evolution Of Us & Devolved

by Ron Reed

The Evolution of Us~

two thoughts converging
to let souls mesh
a Pangaea in spirit – unrestrained
a sum greater than the whole
the starved flames fanned
by winds of passion – released
the instinct to recall and tighten, eased
the safety of contentment resigned
complacence has no place on this path
this union complete in purpose
the procellous state of absence
through time and distance
vaporized by faith
a sensory presence shared
a sustaining force stitched
the evolution of us


the crashing conclusion of an idea
the tree falling in the forest
that no one hears
the notion gripped too tightly
bursts and unravels

the erasure that leaves a scar
a stain and a shadow
it only takes an instant
a short burst of heartbeats
leaving no room for retraction

a history forsaken by a moment
the crushing tailspin that lands us
flat on our face
now to stand up and reflect
or lie still and rest

a confusing fragile existence
the scream that cannot be heard
above your own heartbeat
no matter
we have devolved

©Ron Reed 2011

7 thoughts on “The Evolution Of Us & Devolved by Ron Reed

  1. A perfect description of synergystic love; when the union of two separate beings act to create something with so much energy that there is a change which does not interfere with the individuality; an elusive dream for many and more intense and precious since the process of evolution took place; very beautiful and your devotion and respect for two hearts beating as one is powerful and moving.

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