by Ron Reed

the wind does simply blow and more
it moves, changes, re-arranges
it creates and ends life in its path
the sound soothing to sleep
rhythm, revolution, response

Your image blows before me
content, engaged, but surrendered
an innocent inquiry, cautious
desire and design combined
the toe testing water before the dive

what relief it may bring
landed, grounded, indelibly found
what relief, calm and sound
another round spent and won
a curious new chapter

the wind howls, shakes, and pounds
intangibly moving earth
and we rotate in its breath
clinging to life
and memory in its wake

what we become
becomes us
legacy by invention
love through purpose
on purpose

©Ron Reed 2011

4 thoughts on “Purpose by Ron Reed

  1. The wind is almost a character in this poem and it is hard to predict if it will be soothing and pleasant or cruel and destructive. It is almost an extended metaphor about love; yet I get the feeling of relief after weathering many storms, and testing the water, that no matter how the wind blows you are safe and no longer alone.

  2. So beautiful Ron…almost mysterious and mystical…like the wind itself…never knowing which direction it is going to blow in and never knowing whether it is going to be a caress or a raging storm…not unlike “Love” itself..inconsistant within its consistancy…yet wrapping us up within it’s breath…I loved the depth to this poem..it could take you in so many directions…..Always…

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