by Willow

Trapped between screen and dust the rust of years
of tenants too broke eventually
to pay the rent;
Like a heat-maddened fly I am caught in the space
between screen, window, and the far away blue sky.
Now I am trying to escape and trying to fly; insect-small;
I could compare myself to being wrapped in a web,
all sticky and gummy and trapping me as I struggle
but there is no spider and I am not a Vincent Price
squeaking “Help me, help me” as I lie helpless and
ready to die; no, not I.
I am waiting for the window to open and so take flight;
I am waiting for the space I can squeeze my still-silver
wings through and stretch an up until I am but a distant
speck; far away and whirring and climbing until
I can no longer be seen with the naked eye.
That ballet that all trapped things learn as they
wait for that window to open; and the notes that go
to the song, so I watch as the others bang against
that false light; turning their wings into ribbons that will
hang uselessly at their sides when they try to take flight.
I won’t be brought to ground or to plummet down;
not I. I wait for that window to open,
I wait for my chance to fly.

©Willow Rose 2011

3 thoughts on “Trapped by Willow Rose

  1. I enjoyed tje intense visualization used in this piece, I could feel the helplessness, the powerlessness, of the wings being beaten to shreds, yet the refusal to give up! We must struggle on or risk missing the opportunity for freedom, the opening of the window. I loved the tip of the hat to Vincent Price (one of my favs) and the original, “The Fly.” Great movement and meter!

  2. I was fascinated with the juxtaposition of the fly caught between screen and window struggling furiusly to be free and the huam condition. Wonderfully visual and thought provoking.

    Beautifully written.

    • Ecactly how I felt that day and there could be nothing more maddening than hearing that fly or being that fly and once again you not only understood but expressed it so eloquently. Thank you, Ron. I am going to spend more time here so I can give some feedback as well; I will have to visit you and have been wanting to. Shine On!

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