Temporary Tempers

by Willow Rose

She was a woman of nature,
without a mushroom patch to stand in
or a hill to lie on
and watch the clouds.
So her fingers spun strands
of stormy hurricane hair
around and around her violet eyes
until her body rose from the chair
to go,
to borrow air from the empty sky,
and thought on how we are often
filled with subtle vapors that lift
and carry our days and ways
(these humors)
and ease our passing
and reshape every moment
and fade, like clouds.

©Willow Rose 2011

4 thoughts on “Temporary Tempers by Willow Rose

    • Ana it is an honor to share my work with a creative writer and artist; your comments mean so much to me. The photo is so perfect, as they all are, but this gives that divinity to the work I had never thought of until now. Thank you, Ana. I look forward to sharing your work someday!~~~willow

  1. Very nice Willow – very visual. What I saw was the little nuances of human character and strength that help us survive. I liked that the thought is of a lifetime, but in the moment as well.

    • This was dedicated to a magical person; one I imagined and one real combined. It does take a little magic to get us through each day whether we realize it or not. Thank you for your comments, Ron.

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