I Held It Close To My Heart~

Soft silken kisses launch me
Out there
With you always
Riding across the skies
Burning red
Seeping from us
Into us
Is us.

Soft eyes watch me
Lovingly and without demand.
Oh how I shout it!
That I love you
Baby Girl oh
I adore you.

This “is”
Always fresh
Always exploring
Your soft touch
Acts like electricity
Sending waves through me
Longing to feel
Your fingers
Stroke my soul.

Added bonus for Pamela……….

Oh how comfortable you are
On the ice
Weaving your magic
Such quick hands
Such strong fingers
Your stick a blur
As you move that hard rubber
Yet with purpose
Focused on the prize
Instead of me
It’s that net
Which draws you in
I close my eyes
As erotic images
Dance across my soul
I hear your skates
Biting into the ice
As I see above me
So full of love
I hold my breath
Wanting this moment
This image
To last forever.
As I slowly open my eyes
There you are
Stick raised in salute
To me
As you scored again…..

©Neil Chatterton 2011

Dedication: This poem is dedicated to Pamela – a fun-loving mother and writer with a passion for hockey. While Pamela watches her beloved Panthers claw and fight for every point, there’s also; the fights, the bloody noses, the blocked shots, the missing teeth smiles, the odd shaped noses, and hands that look like a bad sculptures! Now when she watches, hopefully this poem will seep into her consciousness, and give Pamela an alternate view of the real “beautiful game” ♥ Neil

2 thoughts on “I Held It Close To My Hear by Neil Chatterton

  1. GASP! Thank-you, Neil! I must say this is the first time anyone has ever dedicated a hockey inspired poem to me!!!!!! I’m flattered and needed a net! THANK-YOU!!!! *bowing to the hockey poem master*

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