In Memory of Debra Webster

by Ron Reed

In the darkness of night
as the moon travels bright, against the sky
we cast off what we cannot stand
reminding ourselves of what we can
all things that are like diamonds
shining brightly in our hands

I drag my thoughts around
like a flat wheeled wagon
on the ground, and the spirit takes it in
her eyes speak of heart breaks
and double takes, and hours on the road
in driving rain

The willows are dancing in the wind
to a sad and lilting song, and
wishing to hear other voices
in other rooms
telling us of life come and gone
dream and dream on

The spirit takes it in
calm, a place set within
her smile is advice, a space as light as air
a whisp, a breeze, senses to compare
warm and inviting
blowing by to show us, what we can feel

A stroll down to the garden
brings vignetted views of memories present
the hollyhocks and shastas
form her face in careful labor
bringing life
and life lets go, autumn fare

I hurt less for the loss
than for the absence
and even foot prints leave shadows
a space filled with emptiness
when life lets go
love hangs on

©Ron Reed 2011

One thought on “In Memory of Debra Webster by Ron Reed

  1. Just love this Ron, you have that internal rhythm and the way you use so many poetic devices makes this a joy to read as it is certainly not prose and the first stanza flows just like the liquid in the glass. The “green grass soft on my feet” is so clear and leaving out “is” really works as the other poetic uses of assonance and , it is a little difficult without your work in front of me but each time I read it was more pleasurable. What an amazing tribute to a loving and beloved woman. You don’t hold back at all and try new ways of expression and it really works! Great writing; touching content. This shines!

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