Purge to Light I and II

by Ron Reed

Purge to Light I~

“a realization of choices in love and life”

Love sends souls in circles
around and back
and upon the first revolution
who follows and who leads
It is the kiss, the touch
the first warm breath of closeness
that causes a vaporous foggy notion
emotion laid open
Shrink into darkness
focused on finite points—designs
fixated truths without echo
cureless visions of subsistence
All things unrequited are the chatter of fools
without sense or vision
climbing into darkness
so deep, ears ring
and there is only depth without dimension
To rise up and take wing
into uncertain skies
burn it may, but open it is
revealing a larger view—landscape
route of escape from clouded paths
to touch down on soft sands and gaze
upon a vast ocean—an eternity discovered
a new plane in plain site
toes curled grasping the escarpment
at the edge—fall or take flight

Purge to Light II
“the acceptance of letting someone in”
Ah yes it is the scent
the touch, the binding relevance
of thought and presence
the blur of idea and action
a purpose unrequited—unfolded
the longing of memories yet lived
It is a sensory thing
the thing that causes sense
to override logic—id v. ego
in the end logic belongs
to the giver—the rhetorical outreach
The humanness of search and longing
the scent, the touch—revealed desire
all things found in chance—by chance
the coming together unrestrained
it is a chance—by chance
To climb inside the fabric
of another soul
and share an instant
a moment—enternally
an instant—frozen moment—forever
will it sustain
How could it happen otherwise
begin and end in abstract
without absence or abandon
complete in purpose
without agenda—by chance
to conclusion without requirement
to satisfaction without regret
to fondness and strength
to lasting legacy
to love eternal

©Ron Reed 2011

One thought on “Purge to Light I and II~ by Ron Reed

  1. These are wonderful poems, & I’ve enjoyed reading, & re-reading, them immensely. So many quotable lines, thoughts, & resonances, that reach me deeply, & leave me feeling satisfied. They are poems to return to, knowing the layers of understanding will increase. Thank you!

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