Night Search

by Willow

Lying alone
in my bed at night;
I search you out with my thoughts,
do you ever feel them?

Tender tentacles of yearning
unwinding from me to you–
moving like spilled ink
slow and sure
through time and space;
to find you in peripatetic discourse
unraveling ribbons of road as you travel
breathing the rhythmic slow dance of sleep
or maybe…
just thinking of me.

I take you wherever you are,
cracking through obstacles
like clam shells;
to linger on your eyes, your hair,
your mouth.
Fastening myself to you,
do you ever feel it?
Strong suction of longing
drawing you toward me,
warming, shortening, lighting
the cold, dark, endless night.

© Willow Rose 2011

2 thoughts on “Night Search by Willow Rose

    • The photo is incredible, Peggy Lee, and we have Jessica Brant to thank for that! I wrote that poem with real longing and I am so glad you felt it and appreciated it. Thank you for reading and commenting; please visit again! Love and Light, willow

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