Love Emerges

by Ron Reed

Life shattered
so many times
fragmented reflections
pulled together
creating a tolerable view
a piece of it in many pieces

Dare not
that it could happen
simply that it would not
and then a light
blinding and revealing
guidance absorbed—profound

Life holds no truths
greater than this moment
a frozen instant
surrounding this existence
surrounding this moment
with hope

Healing comes from pain
and welds the soul to discovery
secrets unfold
not from being hidden
simply untold
and love emerges

©Ron Reed 2011

4 thoughts on “Love Emerges by Ron Reed

  1. A dynamic poem that challenges the reader to go deep; it is obvious the poet himself did. Any pretense or facade is stripped away and one can almost hear the smashing and crashing as something remaining mysterious, is broken or rearranged and one identifies with the painstaking efforts to take what is fragmented become whole again. The last few lines are beautiful and compelling: “secrets unfold not from being hidden
    simply untold.” What a fresh image! Describing the sin of omission in a wonderfully creative way and the words are so lyrical; lyrical throughout the entire work of art. Bravo, Ron! An artistic composition I look forward to reading again!

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