Union of the Shushi Twins

by Neil Chatterton

Anticipation mingled with hesitation
Breath is held
Until your mind races
Thinking ahead, tying to rationalize this
New beginning.

Finally a caress
Pure joy
Tingling slowly from the lips
Exploding throughout the body
Cascading like a waterfall
Drenched emotions
Saturate each other.

Each has arrived
From different paths
Searching alone
Sometimes together
Fro the fulfillment sought

Was it a twist of fate
Or another hand
A higher being
Bringing together
Showing them the path
Polar connections
Unlikely symmetry
Now co-joined.

Let weakness
Become strength
Holding at bay
The perilous rain of life.

Everyone searches for their own inner peace
And happiness.
Enjoy this moment
Shared together
Nurture it
Watch it blossom

Compliments paid
Grasp this moment in the sun
For who can predict the weather?

©Neil Chatterton 1990

2 thoughts on “Union of the Shushi Twins by Neil Chatterton

  1. “Holding at bay
    the perilous rain of life,” reinforces the subtle references to both internal and external weather having an effect though out of our control. I really relate to that and especially love the last line; how important to enjoy the sun or happiness while we have the chance. Such an intriguing title as well, Neil. I enjoyed this and think it would lend itself to several more readings as I found and felt something different each time.

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