Song of Morpheus

by Willow

Sweet siren song! Your notes ring clear and true!
Dancing on silken, slippered feet,
Dancing me black and blue.

Whispering through my locked door,
Hot somnolent breath in my ear;
Crooning my name like a lover;
With a promise to always be near.

Like Ulysses I fight even harder,
I am lashed to the mast
in vain,
Finally swallowing the pill
that swallows me whole,
I have lost to the sirens

The creaking of timber; boards crash;
sails tear;
What once kept me afloat…
is no longer there.
Surrounded by wreckage
I slowly sink down,
still listening for one last silken note
even as I drown.

©Willow Rose 2011

2 thoughts on “Song of Morpheus by Willow Rose

  1. It whispers always, only those of us who have once known its insidious voice will hear the call, then the choice…I cannot control the wind, I can only adjust my sails.
    This touches me on such a personal level. The metaphor of being lashed to the mast, the creaking of timber, the wreckage, all perfect for those of us who understand.
    Well done, dear Willow, and thank you.

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