Paradise Lost by Janaki Nagarai

Scraped knees and elbows-
Our trophies of the day’s adventure
The sly giggles
Exchanging knowing glances of being
Partners in crime
The street fights
The tanned skin
The back bites and animosity
Forgotten easily
Friendships forged, broken &
Made up by the day.
The innocent, unblemished heart
Knew no evil
Saw no evil
Spoke no evil….
Then we grew up!


6 thoughts on “Paradise Lost by Janaki Nagaraj

  1. A nostalgic postcard mailed to my memory! It is so true that youth is wasted on the young. The little typo at the end didn’t hurt the poem a bit to me as it was obvious it was such a small glitch. Thank you, Janaki

  2. a sweet little vignette. But I hink , in the last line the poet intended the word ‘then’ and it has been misprinted simply as ‘the’.this error(?) reduces the overall great effect. I’ve been reading Janaki’s poems and have now been accusomed to wait for a nice poetic surprise at the end!

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