Twilight at Castle Urquhart

by Willow

The grass is green as emeralds
on the lonely rise
where a castle lies dreaming
whispering soft secrets through
stone and vacant eyes
The wild iris bows to silent sovereigns
on fragile stalks that bend
and sway paying homage
to the wind, and bend
again and again.

Swans glide in dark lochs,
Ghosts rest among the ancient stones,

their voices become the wind.

The grass and heather push up
against the sky.

Violet tinted mid-summer drops soft
as down and a castle rests
into itself.
into the lochs and bogs and
mountains and beaches and stones
almost forever.

Far away a man turns, the breeze from the window
Whispers his hair, somewhere
a man lies dreaming.

©Willow Rose 2011

9 thoughts on “Twilight at Castle Urquhart by Willow Rose

    • Dear Nelieta, Thank you for your uplifting comments; I am looking forward to reading more of your posts as Jessica thinks so very highly of you and thankfully is coaching me to become more computer savvy. Thank you again, Love and light, Willow

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Neil. I am looking forward to reading and responding more with the talented artists on Blognostics as Jessica helps me become more computer savvy; in fact she is coaching me on the phone right now. Feedback is so important; thank you for giving me yours as I enjoy and respect your artistic talent so very much. Love and Light, Willow

  1. A castle we did not visit on our Scotland tour last year Willow but Urquhart are close relations also. Will take this poem with us and read it when we also enjoy twilight at Castle Urquhart next year!
    Re-tracing ancesters in Scotland is fascinating!

    • Ah, Jim I may just be a stowaway in your luggage so watch out! It is the most (at least one of the most, there are so many, castles in Scotland) and how exciting to be able to re-trace your ancestry which goes back a mere four thousand years! When I was researching Castle Urquhart for Alastair Urquhart, whom you may be related to, you never know, I found there is an actual burial cairn dating back to 2000 B.C.! Amazing!!! I hope reading this poem enhances your experience and you enjoy your trip immensely! Love and Light, Willow

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