by Janaki Nagaraj

Was this a choice or fate?
Is this a mistake? Or
Have I been ever so right?

Do I see what I want to?
Or is this the reality?
The destiny’s cue?

These tiny voices in my head
Are they my doubts?
Or my heart saying me “You are true?”

When faced with a choice
One right another wrong
Will I ever know the other was wrong?

Should I seek the answers?
Or should I let it be?
Go with the flow and
Wonder what ‘life’ could be?


4 thoughts on “Choices by Janaki Nagaraj

  1. Very well said…I always think there is no right or wrong in our choices, we do the best we can with the knowledge we have in the moment…and if it feels wrong…then it becomes a good course correction for a new choice…it will always guide you to the right place eventually and you hopefully learn along the way…

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