In the Brittle Dust~ by Uboo Bear

In the brittle dust of your love where the toomskins play.
I wander in the back yard under a log hiding from the winter\’s smearth
The smugging lust of the toomskins must consume them
In a box covered with snow…
Counting the shadows reach.
In the brittle love of your dust I play
getting sooty and forlorn in the frustration of away…
the smallness of being
Deep breathing, quiet now…
Yet joy and cowboy skies abound her…
more to know
In the dusty brittle of it all, I am alone
and one…One

©Uboo Bear 2011


5 thoughts on “In the Brittle Dust by Uboo Bear

  1. This was a curious adventure, ducking behind the trees, peeking to see who you really are. Your words inspire deep thoughts and childlike wonder which carries with it a certain oneness. Fabulous!

  2. The visual with the photo in this writing is beautiful..the shadows and the soft curves…enhance the written word…I am alone, and one…and one…the feel of the quiet within those words…

    And then the bio just cracks me up…well done!

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