Forbidden~ by Dawn Mclaughlin

Always the forbidden way
the best way always
sweeter than wine
sweeter than honey
that’s the way
You have to take
a little time
kiss is a magical thing
take your time don’t rush in
lips that meet soft and tender
and a tide of tongues
that crash together
sensual tasting
licking and flicking
thats the way
a kiss should be.
love forever
Your touch so tender
as you fingertip my body
a wanting you crave
my firm but soft warmth
needing hot passion
from my lips my tongue
as we collide oceans
flood my sensual desire
feeding me with intense
erotic thoughts of you
holding me hard
against your hands
mapping every part of me
my thighs burning
my mind is on
clouds of you
put yourself on
my mountain of love
squeeze my loving
wanting more
and more of you
seduce my mind
take my body
find my Soul
you are forever mine
burning roaring flame
my mind
my thoughts

  ©Dawn Mclaughlin 2011

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